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I've all but stopped writing programs for the Spectrum - I gave it a good run, and you see my almost fully comprehensive softography listing pretty much everything that I released over a period of about 6 years or so - I was just a little bit busy!

During that period I wrote quite a wide variety of programs, I started off writing games - you can see screenshots of them should you wish to - moved through demos and finally onto utilities (specifically disc utilities). Should you wish to idle away 5 minutes and come up with brain-stem death you can get a potted history.

Two of what I consider to be my best programs are Slowdos and DiSCDOS . These two utilities expand +3 BASIC so that they can read and write MSDOS and +D discs respectively. Source code for slowdos is now online at Discdos may follow.

For a bit of light entertainment I wrote a couple of entries for the c.s.s crap games competition - though I only took part in 1996 and 1997 when Blood was organising the affair.

Download MYMplay v0.4 now!

Download BogoMIPS now!

The Z88

I'm a fairly recent comer to the z88 - and I'm very impressed with the little blighter! My main project for the z88 is z88dk which is a C cross compiler targetted for the z88 but it can also be retargetted to other computers.

The main reason why z88dk was created was in order to create a TCP/IP stack for the z88. Originally it was going to ported over to the Spectrum, but I can't be bothered, so ZSock will probably only surface on the z88. It's currently in testing phase so if you have a z88 download it and try it out!

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