Yup, on this page you can look before you download!!! Screenshots of most of the Spectrum programs downloadable from this site are available here, with a bit of a running commentary on them!! Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge!

YASG thumbnail YASG - standing for well, I've never told anyone, so I won't tell you now. It's quite a nice snake game written in BASIC with 12 different screens to navigate round - yup a snake game with objects to avoid, and also an awful lot of bad puns!! There's a cheat mode in here somewhere!!!

Light the conk thumbnail Light the Conk - or Bash? The game with the identity crisis!! Another BASIC game, quite fun to play, if a little slow at times, written after seeing a screenshot in New Computer Express (long may it burn in hell) Nice sampled speech, laughs and screams!!!

Poketape 2 thumbnail Poketape 2 - Written for a disczine that never made the surface, so was never offically released, but didn't stop it from being spread!! A few nice scrolly effects, graphics ripped from SOTB, and some music by Fuxoft.

Quark thumbnail Quark - The second demo, basically scrolling effects, including 7 attribute scrolls, and a sickening loopy FLP, with a damn good soundtrack by Tim Follin, for once the music almost fits!!!

Megatron thumbnail Megatron - Wahey..my first machine code game, well the second write there of, ripped graphics (DDIII), music once again by Fuxoft, and 2 players...crowding around a keyboard, or more sensibly use joysticks!!!

Waggle-o-mania thumbnail Waggle-o-mania - Rip off time again!! There was a short game written by Team 17 on a AP power disc one month...pretty pointless, but then I got bored and converted it to the Speccy, except I added 2 players, music from Fuxoft and an impossible difficulty level - ah what fun!!!

Verisimilitude thumbnail Verisimilitude - a minidemo written one day when I was bored and had some nice graphics ported over from my Amiga - the scrolly characters are about 30 pixels I think - one of the biggest FLPs on the Speccy, lissajous sprites, music by L.A. of XTC3 and quite a bit of lag courtesy of slack coding!!!

Twintris thumbnail Twintris - I finally got around to finishing this 2 player tetris clone which I'd originally written a couple of years previously, bunged in some graphics and front end routines, music by Fuxoft and whack it out, quite a nice version - will always come up with different shapes (unlike other snaps) because of the non time based random number generator.

Magicfields thumbnail Magic fields - another Amiga conversion, which was a C64 conversion, graphics ripped from the Amiga version, music by L.A. of XTC3 and a nice keyboard/mouse pointer system by me!. A nice puzzley game written in about 4 days - 4 days of hardship for friends though!!!

Thumbnail Sokoban - yup, you've guessed, another Amiga conversion, which was a version of probably one of the most famous game ever written...almost everything was done by me except for the music, if you want more information then click here!! If you're on a fairly fast machine then you can play it here!!

Oh Sh@# Thumbnail Oh Sh@# has finally come to the surface, after something like 8 years, it's a GAC adventure and not for the easily offended!

Writ by Dom 11/2/98