A little information about the case confused program

DiSCDOS is a program that I have been working on for the past couple of years or so - today, it is effectively a finished program, though I will release new versions if any problems pop up (Needless to say, I think I have fixed all of the problems which can arise (famous last words!!!))

DiSCDOS is in essence an emulation of the +D disc interface for the +3 - it provides a working environment in +3 BASIC which reads and write +D discs using the standard +D/DISCiPLE commands - thus eliminating all of the problems of trying to use a real +D/DISCiPLE on a +3

  • Forced usage of 48k mode, thereby losing the extended features of the +3
  • Spurious crashes and losses of data
  • Loss of use of Multiface 3
  • Having to use a FIXIT to enable the interface to work
  • DiSCDOS runs on any +3 or +2a, though for sensible usage a +3 with a 3.5" B: drive is required, in theory it should work with 5.25" disc drives, though this hasn't been tested and isn't guaranteed!!

    The program sits in page 7 (the alternate screen) of the +3s memory and takes up no 48k user space - meaning that full length programs can be loaded and run.

    DiSCDOS has changed the habits of many +3 users, gone are the hassles of using +D discs via Transfer and Convert, now they can access the discs directly, opening up even more software for the +3.

    DiSCDOS supports all of the commonly used +D/DISCiPLE disc commands, and a couple of other, not so useful commands to ensure as much compatibility as possible. It can load the +D 48k snapshot format, and run them correctly (from v1.374), and even supports command codes, though in a special way (for more information see the Command Code doc file below).

    If you are uncertain as to how much use DiSCDOS would be to you, then download the demo version, get a copy of Alchnews on +D disc, and see how convenient it is.

    DiSCDOS is available from me - just mail me and I'll send you a copy.

    More information on DiSCDOS is available from the links below:

  • Crippleware information
  • Command Code details
  • DiSCDOS version history
  • Download demo version