Yes it's true, I do write crap games, wow, a really brave admission there, but they're intentionally crap!! Yup, I take part in the comp.sys.sinclair crap games compos!!

A brief explanation: In about 1983 a company called Cascade released a cassette containing 50 games - pretty impressive really...until you played them - they were without a doubt the biggest piles of steaming cack ever written - entirely written in BAS

In 1996 Blood rediscovered this amazing compilation, and thought - wouldn't it be fun to compile a new version, with the intention of being incredible crap? And thus the c.s.s. crap game compo was born!!!

Well, being the sad speccy person that I am, I thought..yeah, it would be cool to write something, even if only to let people know that I'm still around writing stuff, and so Sokoban was born - complete with UNIX workstation graphics!! - An amazing pie

Well, during Easter 1996 the compilation was released...60 truly appalling games - if you can download it from nvg but only if you're brave!!!

Come 1997, and the compo was run again, though the response wasn't so good this time - Blood is still awaiting entries, this time I've submitted two entries Boing...Plop (an "arcade" game, involving

Of course the best thing about all of them is the use of ASCII graphics all the way through - for that really naff look!!

Download some stuff!!!

  • Sokoban
  • Boing...plop
  • Tour of the Knight
  • The 1996 Crap games Compilation
  • Just one final thing before anybody comments - they're meant to be crap OK....don't expect Doom on the Speccy...actually someone has actually converted the first level and it works very well thank you very much!!!

    Writ by Dom 18/4/97