What is it?

Completing the trio of servers is mvpvdr. It's a complete rethink on the MVPServer approach in terms of portability whilst building on several of the key ideas that it brought out.



Are available on the mvpvdr screenshots page.


0.4.0 has been released, source and win32 installer is available from sourceforge.

Latest code is available in the mvpvdr module in CVS - this is recommended since libmvp 0.4.0 has a bug in url_http.c.

mvpvdr depends on some external projects: libevent (newer is better) ImageMagick, SDL (optional), libid3tag (or taglib), libxml2 and vlc for transcoding. cairographics is needed for freetype support.

Future Plans

13/7/2008 Contact: dom /at/ suborbital /dot/ org /dot/ uk